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  Experience Manager webinar: 2.20.18
Every win counts—A compelling whitepaper on website personalization
The industry’s first unified DAM is here. Get the scoop in 2 minutes
What exactly is personalization? This article has the answers
5 key ingredients to successful personalized automation
Experience Manager webinar: 2.20.18
  Meet with your favorite AEM peeps!  
  Loni Stark and Cedric Huesler provide a unique look at Adobe Experience Manager, offering you great insights for the upcoming year. Join them on February 20, 2018, 8 AM PST, and prepare to be impressed. We look forward to your participation. Sign up now to be notified when registration opens.  
Every win counts-A compelling whitepaper on website personalization
  Competitive advantage? Make it personal!  
  Deep personalization is the way to engage new visitors and cement solid relationships with existing customers. This comprehensive whitepaper represents the ultimate Experience Manager guide for personalizing and optimizing your online presence—across a variety of channels, including web, mobile, and more. In it, you'll learn how to maximize your team's core talents and get the most from the powerful Adobe tools at your disposal. After all, the right person using the right tool can work wonders.  
The industry's first unified DAM is here. Get the scoop in 2 minutes
  Integrating Livefyre UGC + Assets = Key differentiator  
  The integration of Adobe Livefyre with AEM Assets provides the industry's first unified digital asset management system (DAM). This short video outlines how to quickly and easily manage your brand-created assets alongside user-generated content (UGC) from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and moreā€”all via a simple interface. Learn how to increase content velocity by searching social networks in real-time, requesting rights, and automatically importing rights-granted content from within AEM Assets.  
What exactly is personalization? This article has the answers
  Marketing becomes mutually rewarding  
  Personalization might seem like just another marketing buzzword. In reality, it's vital to your online presence. But what is it really? This article explores the in's and out's of personalization, including such topics as data points required, targeted recommendations, and how to streamline your efforts (and eliminate marketer bias) with automation. Successful personalization represents a powerful advantage, but you need the right tools and approach to make it work, each and every time.  
5 key ingredients to successful personalized automation
  Sit back and let the algorithms do the work!  
  Automation promises tremendous ROI when it comes to delivering engaging, personalized online experiences, but how do you make the most of it? This article—a Q&A session with Adobe Experience Cloud consulting manager Heather Razukas—covers the 5 components required for seamless and powerful automated personalization implementations. Topics include what automation can/cannot do, executive buy-in, and more. It’s a great primer for anyone looking for concrete automation and personalization answers.  
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