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Collaboration vs. Communication. The Difference Is?
  Achieving the right balance is crucial to team success  
  Technology has overwhelmed how employees interact, and that can make team productivity a challenging affair. This fascinating article—by Dynamic Signal CMO Joelle Kaufman—outlines tips and best practices for striking the right balance between collaboration and communication for every team member. Common pitfalls are discussed as well. One key recommendation? Use an emergency room team as a good prototype—productivity is always maximized regardless of the noise and confusion that abounds.  
Effective Collaboration Starts with a Roadmap
  Collaboration often fails... unless you know the secret sauce  
  Despite the hype, many companies are finding collaboration more difficult than promised. This in-depth analysis from the Stanford Social Innovation Review gets to the core of why collaboration fails and offers some practical methodologies on how to achieve success. Topics covered include The Five Cs—A roadmap for effective collaboration, a real-life case study, and an overview of other mission-critical factors (governance, structure, coordination). The input is invaluable to your team’s efforts!  
Creative Brainstorming Done Right!
  How to get the most from your team’s little grey cells  
  Creative collaboration brainstorming can produce astounding results. It can also end in dismal failure. This bookmarkable blog by Adobe’s Creative Cloud Team offers insightful best practices on how to maximize your sessions, both from a collaborative tools and participant perspective. Areas explored include finding the right facilitator, defining a clear purpose, establishing ground rules, and more. Turn your next brainstorming into a true competitive advantage using this powerful advice.  
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