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  What are single-page applications (SPAs) and why is it important that you understand them? How do you bridge the gap between IT’s agenda and your own? This issue explains it all, giving you the knowledge and insight needed to tackle these important issues that can ultimately take your brand into the stratosphere.  
  Looking for Agile Experiences? Go to the SPA
SPA 101—A Simple Guide to Everything SPA
5 Reasons Experience Marketers Must Embrace SPAs
Want to Maximize Your Experience Manager Deployment? Don’t Speak IT? This Is Your Day!
Eliminate the Silos with Experience Manager
Looking for Agile Experiences? Go to the SPA
  Looking for Agile Experiences?
Go to the SPA
  Once the Domain of IT, SPAs Are Now Your Friend  
  IT loves SPAs because they make coding efficient, saving them time. Yet, often marketing is cut out of the picture as SPAs are viewed solely as a technical benefit. This blog by Adobe expert Shelby Britton outlines how SPAs are really your ally—in addition to offering tips and techniques on how to partner with IT to maximize everyone’s efforts. By incorporating a hybrid CMS with an SPA editor, you can deliver awesome experiences faster and more effectively than ever. Definitely a blog to bookmark.  
SPA 101—A Simple Guide to Everything SPA
  SPA 101—A Simple Guide to Everything SPA  
  Understanding This Remarkable Tool Can Reap Big Rewards  
  Like a lot of emerging technologies, SPAs can seem overwhelming. This easy-to-follow, downloadable guide walks you through all the ins and outs of what SPAs are, and how you can take advantage of your Experience Manager deployment to make SPAs a competitive edge. It’s a great SPA primer for your team, one that will empower you and them to gain the expertise necessary to make the most of this ever-more-popular marketing tool.  
  5 Reasons Experience Marketers Incorporate SPAs  
  Become an SPA Expert In 38 Minutes (Unless You Take a Coffee Break)  
  Go in-depth with Adobe experts to understand how SPAs can benefit your organization in cool ways you might not have thought of—in addition to learning why SPAs are a continuing hot topic for today’s leading-edge companies. Areas discussed include proper SEO, going hybrid, why tandem is best, how personalization is your friend, and why intelligence matters (really!) for success. This engaging, 38-minute, prerecorded webinar offers great insight into what the best marketers already know—SPAs sell!  
Want to Maximize Your Experience Manager Deployment? Don’t Speak IT? This Is Your Day
  Want to Maximize Your Experience Manager Deployment? Don’t Speak IT? This Is Your Day!  
  How to Make Better Experience Manager Decisions from the Start  
  A cross-team (Marketing & IT) approach is vital to realizing the most of your Experience Manager implementation. By working with IT from the start, you can accelerate the entire process and enjoy a faster ROI. But to do so, you need to speak their language to get things right the first time out. This IT Conversation Guide offers answers to the most-asked IT questions. It will help you make successful joint decisions about deploying Experience Manager that benefit every stakeholder. And don’t forget to share with your team.  
Eliminate the Silos with Experience Manager
  Eliminate the Silos with Experience Manager  
  Experience Manager Now Bridges the Gap Between IT and Marketers  
  Traditional CMS’s are unable to manage content beyond websites, and that leaves out mobile, social, and IoT—a critical gap that ignores huge chunks of the customer experience. It also doesn’t help that IT and Marketing are often siloed from each other. This blog outlines how Experience Manager can bridge that divide, enabling Marketing and IT to empower the brand experience and eliminate the silos. Does it work? Companies are already reporting a 3x return on investment.  
  Fast-Track your Adobe Expertise with Experience League  
  At Adobe, we are proud to share and welcome you to Experience League, our new enablement program helping customers realize instant value with Adobe Experience Cloud. Let our step-by-step, individualized learning recommendations empower you. To read more, click to our latest blog post here, or visit experienceleague.adobe.com and check out Intelligent Guidance to discover our recommended Next Step in your learning journey today.  
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